Audemars Piguet believes that creativity feeds culture, connects people and gives purpose to our lives.

Audemars Piguet Contemporary, the brand’s dedicated art programme, embodies this spirit by commissioning international artists to create contemporary artworks. The resulting artworks belong to the artists and contribute to their body of work. With the support of two in-house curators, new commissions are realised across a variety of scales and media, enabling artists to explore new territories in their practice. The team follows each carte blanche commission process from inception to exhibition. 

The nomadic programme fosters collaborations with cultural institutions around the world to present commissions to global audiences.

Each Audemars Piguet Contemporary commissioned artwork is as an opportunity for new creation, bringing together audiences and broadening horizons, as well as leading to a better understanding within and between individuals.

International exhibitions of commissioned artworks

Artists Audemars Piguet Contemporary worked with

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Sky view of Tomás Saraceno's Albedo composed of out-turned umbrellas laid-out on Miami Beach.