Jana Winderen working with computers.

Du Petit Risoud aux Profondeurs du Lac de Joux is a site-specific sound installation by artist Jana Winderen first presented at Art Basel in Basel 2019. The immersive artwork is made up of a symphonic collage of interwoven layers of sound, exploring what Winderen refers to as the “disharmony” between the audible and the visible.

Winderen visited the Vallée de Joux ahead of producing the piece and worked closely with local people to record indigenous sounds from the region including local mammals, birds, fish, insects and plants as well as the 300-year-old slow growing spruce trees of the Risoud forest, known for their excellent sound transmission properties.

Du Petit Risoud aux Profondeurs du Lac de Joux also notes the inescapable sound of human activity, highlighting the fragility of the environment, as well as humanity’s part in its gradual degradation. Winderen’s sound installation was accompanied with a live concert at HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel) on June 11, 2019.

Every movement that we make in one place will have an impact more broadly across the world.


Portrait of Jana Winderen.

Norwegian sound artist Jana Winderen (b. 1965) takes her audience on immersive sensory journeys through the natural environment. By revealing the small and most inaccessible sounds of nature, the artist appeals to listeners’ emotions, hoping to gain their interest in and respect for our complex world, while raising ecological awareness.

Winderen graduated from the Fine Art programme at Goldsmiths, University of London and has a background in mathematics, chemistry and fish ecology from the University of Oslo. Since 1992, sound has been at the core of her artistic practice, leading her to travel across Europe, Asia and the Americas to record audio environments and ecosystems hard for humans to access physically and aurally.

Winderen’s sound work has been performed in major institutions and public spaces worldwide including: Munch Museum, Oslo; Thailand International Art Biennale, Krabi; Dubrovnik Museum of Modern Art; Le Fresnoy: Studio national des arts contemporains; the US Embassy in Oslo, among others. Winderen was the recipient of the Golden Nica, Prix Ars Electronica for Digital Musics & Sound Art in 2011. Her work is published by the London-based record label Touch.