When you consider owning or caring for an Audemars Piguet watch, several questions may spring to mind. Below are some of the more common inquiries.

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Taking proper care of your watch and providing it with regular maintenance will help keep it working reliably. You can view our care tips here: 

Caring for you watch

Yes, if your watch is water-resistant. Make sure to comform to the depth indicated in the technical specifications and always check that the crown and push-pieces are fully screwed down before immersing your watch in water.

We encourage you to check up your watch water-resistance at least on a yearly basis. Such check-up is complimentary in all our Audemars Piguet boutiques and not warrantied.

Avoid contact with water for non-water-resistant watches and watches fitted with leather straps.

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We recommend you bring your watch to a nearby Audemars Piguet boutique, repair centre or authorised retailer. Depending on the service needed, the watch will then be sent to the right repair or authorised service facility.

Where to service

Create an account to check your watches in, extend your International Sales Warranty and benefit from a complimentary pick-up to service your watch - for eligible watches & countries only.

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Audemars Piguet has built a global network of skilled watchmakers that ensures local services and a consistent level of expertise. All watchmakers and polishers certified by Audemars Piguet undergo ongoing training and must obtain periodic accreditation of their technical skills. They undertake to use only genuine parts. Each watch is identified by its case and movement numbers to trace its service history. Our authorised service centres display a « Audemars Piguet – authorised service centre » plate with AP validation sticker and date.

Where to service

Beside the water-restistance that should be checked periodically, even more so if you are a regular swimmer, your watch should be serviced whenever you see that the accuracy or general functionning is declining.
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The repair time frame depends on the calibre, the condition of the watch, and the work that needs to be performed. This lead time will be confirmed upon reception of the service proposal. 

A complete maintenance service on a model of the AP core collection can be repaired in 5 weeks. Watches under warranty are prioritized in 3 weeks. The Technical Advisors at our Audemars Piguet boutiques can provide an immediate estimate for most mechanical models manufactured within the last 25 years.

The work carried out as part of the service and the replaced components are guaranteed for a period of 2 years after service. For more information, please refer to the Customer Service General Terms & Conditions.

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To learn more about service prices, we invite you to contact an Audemars Piguet boutique, service centre or authorised retailer.

Service price list

We invite you to drop off your timepiece to an Audemars Piguet boutique, service centre or authorised retailer. We will then send it by secured courier to our restoration workshop in Le Brassus for a detailed estimate.

You can bring your Quartz watch to any Audemars Piguet boutique, service centre or authorised retailer. We always recommend to have a water resistance service completed during a battery replacement. A complete maintenance service will be proposed if necessary. For more information, please refer to the Customer Service General Terms & Conditions.

Where to service

If your watch is running fast, it may have been exposed to a magnetic field. If necessary, a simple demagnetisation process can be performed at an Audemars Piguet boutique, service centre or authorised retailer. Otherwise, your watch might need a complete maintenance service.

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As the result of a shock, the oil inside the movement can disperse, the pivots run dry and clearances in the wheel train may alter, ultimately making the movement unstable and in need of a maintenance service.

Impacts could cose an exclusion of the warranty coverage. For more information, please refer to our Customer Service General Terms & Conditions.

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Terms & Conditions

Audemars Piguet's International Sales Warranty

Your watch is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase shown on the invoice. You also have the possibility to extend the original 2-year warranty for another 3 years. This extension is applicable to all AP watches purchased through our authorised network starting January 1st, 2017 and subject to our International Sales Warranty.

Terms & Conditions

Extend my International Sales Warranty


Our watches are garanteed against manufacturing defects. To learn more about our sales warranty validity, conditions and exclusions please review our International Sales Warranty.

International Sales Warranty

The warranty card is provided only once when the watch is purchased from an official Audemars Piguet point of sale. For additional information, please contact the point of sale where the watch was purchased.

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Authenticate an Audemars Piguet watch

The authenticity of an AP watch can only be confirmed after examining it in our workshops. A Certificate of Authenticity can also be requested upon such examination. To avoid purchasing a counterfeit watch, we recommend to purchase from our authorised Audemars Piguet network.

Where to service

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To ensure the authenticity of a watch, it will need to be inspected by an Audemars Piguet trained watchmaker. Only our Manufacture in Le Brassus, Switzerland is entitled to deliver a Certificate of Authenticity. We invite you to drop off your watch at an Audemars Piguet boutique, service centre or any authorised retailer so your watch can be sent to our Manufacture for examination.

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The Certificate of Authenticity is made at our Manufacture in Switzerland after the watch is evaluated there. This document contains information about the watch and actual pictures.

The Extract from the Archives (or Extrait de Registre) does not authenticate a watch. It only certifies that the case and movement numbers appear in our records. Please note that only a Certificate of Authenticity guarantees the authenticity of the watch.

Service price list

We only provide watch value for insurance purpose. We invite you to contact your nearest Audemars Piguet Boutique, where we can assist you with that information. If your watch is still part of our current collection: we can provide the current retail price. If your watch is no longer part of our current collection: we will do our best to provide the current price of a similar model in collection. If your watch is more than 25 years old or if your watch is a limited edition: we will not be able to give any indicative price. We advise you to contact reputable auction houses to assess your watch.

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Audemars Piguet's straps & accessories

We invite you to contact our nearest Audemars Piguet boutique, service centre or authorised retailer to purchase a new strap and have it fitted on your watch.

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To inquire about purchasing a winding box, we invite you to contact one of our Audemars Piguet boutique or authorised retailer.

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