Each watch marks the beginning of a relationship dedicated to exclusive, personalised services.

Check your watch's chronometric performance, functions as well as state of water-resistance and magnetisation every year. This complimentary check-up in our boutiques is however not warrantied.

Someone winding a Royal Oak watch.

A watch water resistance testing machine

The dissassembly and cleaning of the case, the checking of the movement and the replacement of damaged components is necessary to ensure the watch's water resistance. If your watch is equipped with a quartz movement, we will replace the battery as well. This service carries a warranty limited to the replaced components.

A watch case being polished by a watchmaker.

To preserve your watch's aesthetics and original shape, you can request your case and bracelet to be polished when a complete maintenance service is needed.

All functional case and bracelet parts showing signs of wear are systematically replaced. The case and the bracelet are polished with extreme care to respect the original design. For instance a Royal Oak case and bracelet have 24 bevel edges, 27 surfaces with different finishing (polishing, sandblasting, satin brushing, ...) and 16 screw heads. We recommend no more than three to five aesthetic refreshings during the life cycle of your watch.

You can request 2 different official documents regarding your watch by filling the following form. 

Extract from the archives: each watch we produce is recorded by its unique case and movement numbers. This document certifies that these numbers appear in our records, but does not warranty the authenticity of the watch.

Certificate of Authenticity: the Certificate of Authenticity certifies that the watch, its materials and components are authentic. This document contains all identifying characteristics pertaining to the watch as well as current pictures. In order to emit this document, it will be necessary for our experts in Le Brassus to carefully examine the watch.  You can benefit from a complimentary pick-up service for your watch, available in some countries.

Fill in the following form to request a service or an official document. In some countries, you can benefit from a complimentary pick-up service for your watch. 

We also invite you to create an account to check your watches in, extend your International Sales Warranty for eligible watches and request a service or document in a few clicks.

A watchmaker working on a workshop.

A Royal Oak Selfwinding watch being assembled by a watchmaker.