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Audemars Piguet Complete Maintenance Service

When your movement requires servicing, our teams take your timepiece through a secure and precise protocol. The watchmakers who maintain and repair Audemars Piguet watches have the same training—and the same passion—as those who create them.

Our Complete Maintenance Service

Partial Services :

    • We offer the following 5 controls in most of our boutiques. These controls are free of charge and do not include an extended warranty.

    • Aesthetic: We check the general wear of the watch (on the case, dial and strap), looking for scratches, shock traces or dents, dust, discoloration and related issues.

    • Magnetization: If a watch is magnetized, it can run too slow or too fast. We check the magnetization of your watch with a device that can also demagnetize it.

    • Function: Depending on the model, we check that all the functions are working properly. This includes setting the time and date with the crown, actionning the pushers for a chronograph, etc.

    • Timing: To check the timing, we use a special device to measure precise technical parameters in five positions of the watch.

    • Water Resistance: We perform air compression tests to detect even the most insignificant leaks. We recommend having your watch checked for water-resistance by our repair centers or boutiques every year.

      We recommend a water resistance service every two to three years.

  • Water resistance service of your timepiece includes several steps: disassembly and cleaning of the case, control of the movement, and assembly of both the movement and case. During this process, we will replace components as necessary to ensure water resistance. If your watch is equipped with a quartz movement, we will replace the battery as well.

Register Your Watch

It’s important that you register your watch with Audemars Piguet. It enables us to ensure that you get the very best service possible. It only takes a few short minutes, so why not do it now?

Timepiece Care Tips

Looking After Your Timepiece

Taking proper care of your watch and providing it with regular maintenance will help keep it working reliably, with precision.

  • CARE TIP 1

    Regular Winding

    Even if you have not worn your timepiece for a while, you should wind your mechanical watch (self-winding or manual-winding) at least once a month. For a manual-winding watch, turn the crown until it resists, without forcing it. For a self-winding watch, we recommend at least 25 turns of the crown. This helps keep the movement components well lubricated.

  • CARE TIP 2

    A Proper Fit

    Ensure that your watch is fitted properly on your wrist. This improves the efficiency of the winding system and avoids premature wear of the links of your metal bracelet. Avoid wearing several watches or items of jewelry on the same wrist, as doing so risks scratching the watch and metal bracelet links.

  • CARE TIP 3

    Cleaning Water-Resistant Watches

    Clean your watch and its metal bracelet regularly with warm water, rinse with fresh water, and dry with a soft cloth. This simple gesture limits the abrasive or corrosive effects of the chlorine, seawater, sand and perfume.

  • CARE TIP 4

    Swimming with Water-Resistant Watches

    Before swimming, check that the crown and push-pieces are fully screwed down. Aside from crowns on our "Diver" models, crown and push-pieces should not be activated while submerged in water. After swimming in salt water, rinse the watch with fresh water.

  • CARE TIP 5

    Periodical Controls & Services

    The movement and the water resistance should be checked periodically. Water resistance seals exposed to the environment (temperature differences, acidity, amongst others) should be replaced every two to three years depending on wear and tear. This routine water-resistance service is the only way to protect the heart of your watch from dust and humidity. As far as time keeping, our authorized service centers will carry out a complete maintenance service when required to restore the accuracy according to the Audemars Piguet quality standards and ensure the longevity of the movement.

  • CARE TIP 6

    Corrosive Materials

    Avoid all contacts with corrosive materials (acid, perfumes, carbonated beverages, etc.) as they are likely to damage the water-resistant seals.

  • CARE TIP 7

    Leather Straps

    Leather straps should not be submerged in water as water will wear them out faster. This does not apply to rubber or metal straps.

  • CARE TIP 8

    Magnetic Fields

    Throughout everyday life, we are often exposed to magnetic fields that may cause timepieces to run slower, excessively fast, or even stop. If necessary, a simple demagnetization process can be performed by a professional watchmaker, before resetting the time.

  • CARE TIP 9

    Dates & Calendar

    Avoid correcting the date, month or lunar cycle in the afternoon or evening. Similarly, avoid manipulating the annual or perpetual calendar outside of the time ranges recommended in the watch manual.

  • CARE TIP 10

    Authorized Network

    We recommend that you only buy and service your timepiece within the Audemars Piguet authorized network. We have built up a global network of skilled watchmakers to ensure local service and a consistent level of expertise.

Service Centers

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