The Royal Oak “Jumbo” Extra-Thin Openworked (ref. 16204) comes back for the Royal Oak’s 50th anniversary. Available in stainless steel and 18-carat pink gold, it houses the new dedicated selfwinding extra-thin openworked movement, Calibre 7124, as well as the Royal Oak’s “50-years” oscillating weight, visible through the sapphire caseback. The watch’s highly contemporary design reflects the Manufacture’s creative reinterpretation of age-old techniques attuned to the Royal Oak’s uncompromising spirit. 

Close up of a Royal Oak « Jumbo » Extra-Thin case back.

The two new timepieces premiere the extra-thin selfwinding openworked hour and minute movement, Calibre 7124. Making no compromise, this mechanism brings together precision, performance, age-old openworking expertise and extra-thinness. Measuring a mere 2.7 mm in height, it contains more energy than its predecessor Calibre 5122 (3.05 mm), thanks to its larger barrel.

This new movement was developed in parallel of Calibre 7121, which powers the newly released 16202 references, to obtain a harmonious and well-balanced design once openworked. The sapphire caseback reveals the dedicated Royal Oak “50-years” oscillating weight matched to the colour of the case.

The preliminary geometries of the mainplate and bridges are cut through computer numerical control machining (CNC), before being perfected by electric discharge machining (EDM). Each component is then finished and decorated with age-old techniques.

The polished V angles that can be admired on both sides of the watch reflect the meticulous handiwork that went into their realisation as this level of craftsmanship can only be done by hand.

The openworked movement counts a total of 324 V-angles, all finished by hand. Evolving with each decade, the Royal Oak collection has included more than 50 openworked models to this day, fitted with different movements and coming in a variety of sizes, materials and styles.

Close up of a Royal Oak « Jumbo » Extra-Thin
Royal Oak « Jumbo » Extra-plat.

Offered in a monochromatic stainless steel version, or in an 18-carat pink gold variant contrasted with various shades of grey, the new Jumbo openworked blends refinement with contemporary design. Both case and bracelet have been finished with the Royal Oak’s trademark alternation of satin-brushing and polished chamfers. 

The stainless steel version is complemented with a matching rhodium-toned openworked movement. The pink-gold-toned gear train and balance wheel offer a subtle contrast. 

The 18-carat pink gold timepiece marries different tones: the slate grey openworked bridges and mainplate are complemented with a light grey openworked barrel. The pink-gold-toned balance wheel and gear train add depth to the watch. 

Building on the past, the 2022 offering takes the Royal Oak to new limits.

Cover image for the Royal Oak collection's 50e anniversary

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