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Drawing its inspiration from a time-honoured pocket-watch dating back to 1923, the Tradition collection comprises some of the most prestigious mechanical watches in a cushion-shaped case.

A tribute to a faithfully preserved heritage.


Designing a supremely comfortable and aesthetically pleasing case is an art in itself, involving a highly technical production process.


At the hand of the master-craftsman, the uncompromising art of gemsetting transforms the timepiece, enhancing its beauty even further.


Minute repeater, split-second chronograph and perpetual calendar. More than 800 painstaking hours are required to assemble, adjust and hand-finish the 637 components.

The Tradition Collection was unveiled in 2008, and comprises a distinctive shape highlighted by a cambered bezel. The extraordinary movements harbour extra-thin technology or major complications and embody the excellence that characterises Audemars Piguet’s heritage.