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Chapter 2Complications

We have spent over 137 years mastering the conception, construction and production of complications. As such, our entire philosophy revolves around these rare, precious and consistently unique creations. Here you'll discover how our mastery of complications has become the ultimate display of our Savoir-Faire.

Theme 4

Time Interval

One-fifth of a second accuracy takes years to master. It is to this day one of the most sophisticated complications in the watchmaking mechanism and one of the hardest to perfect. Several construction types have been developed, but the most prestigious and spectacular one is the column-wheel chronograph.

The column wheel is a strategic component that pilots chronograph starting, stopping and resetting operations, and does so with a minimum force to avoid wear.

An Audemars Piguet First

1858 A pocket chronograph with jumping-seconds hand is handmade by Louis Audemars.

Other Time Interval Complications

  • Split Second Hand
    Split Second Hand Split second chronographs are fitted with an additional seconds hand that can be stopped in its tracks in order to measure an intermediate time or to maintain a reference time.
  • Chronograph
    ChronographA chronograph is a standard watch fitted with an auxiliary mechanism that measures and displays continuous or discontinuous spans of time without affecting the watch’s time-keeping functions. A center chronograph hand can start, stop and restart at will, then return to zero by actioning one or more push-pieces.

Millenary Carbon One

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