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Chapter 1The Craft

For over a century, Audemars Piguet has devised endlessly inventive horological masterpieces. Discover the intricacies of the craft – the ways history influences design, the methods by which components are handcrafted, and the ever-present focus on excellence.

bright, white, sleek and powerful, the royal oak concept gmt tourbillon is a watch for avant-garde collectors and connoisseurs that brooks no compromise in either technical or aesthetic terms.

Part I

The Design

The tourbillon serves to compensate for the effects of gravity to enhance the accuracy of the movement rating. It makes the entire escapement rotate at a predefined cadence.

Invented two centuries ago to improve accuracy, tourbillons enchant and fascinate more than ever.

Part II

Making the components

materials know-how

White ceramic is about nine times harder than steel, meaning the manufacture of the Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon’s bezel, pushpieces, crown and especially its intricately shaped upper bridge was a complex and lengthy process.

    • Processing

      The Zirconium dioxide powder is sintered into a cylinder.

    • Machining

      The cylinder is cut down in rings and brought to the iconic Royal Oak octagonal shape.

    • Finishing

      Every bezel is finished by hand, first polished, then linear grained.

    • Finishing

      Every bezel is finished by hand, first polished, then linear grained.

additional component

Calibre 2930

The Manufacture has incorporated ceramic into the movement itself, replacing the blackened upper bridge of Calibre 2913 with white ceramic. As a result, the new Calibre 2930 is visually transformed, its dazzling, hourglass-shaped bridge further enlivened by the double symmetry of the tourbillon bridges and GMT display.

Calibre 2930

the audemars piguet legacy

    • Historic Timepieces


      The Royal Oak Concept was an authentic "lab watch" embodying absolute performance through a blend of technical sophistication and extreme resistance. The case is the first ever to borrow a superalloy from the aeronautical industry: alacrite 602. The hardest material available at the time, it required the development of special tools and processes.

    • Historic Timepieces


      Royal Oak Carbon Concept Tourbillon and Chronograph – an ultra-light timepiece that was the first to combine a forged-carbon case and movement mainplate.

    • Historic Timepieces


      The Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon, with ultra-light, ultra-resistant titanium case and black-ceramic octagonal bezel, pushpieces and crown.

    concept evolution

    The Royal Oak Concept was first unveiled in 2002 as an avant-garde, 30th-anniversary tribute to Audemars Piguet’s legendary octagonal Royal Oak.


bright, white, sleek and powerful

The new Tourbillon Royal Oak Concept GMT draws on the DNA of the model launched in 2002. The resolutely modern high-end finishing of the calibre is entirely in tune with the overall technicality of the model.

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