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With its instantly recognisable combination of softly elliptical case, off-centred dials and visible movement, the Millenary comes in a wide variety of finishings, decoration and bracelets.

A vintage touch

The new Millenary models come in white gold and pink gold with mother-of-pearl dials and diamond-set bezel and lugs. The innovative feature: matching, Polish woven gold bracelets.

Explore your look

Give your watch a new edge with this new set of straps, designed exclusively for Audemars Piguet.

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Unique, like its wearer

For many cultures, the opal is a lucky charm. It is also a fragile stone, exceptionally challenging to work. Only the most precious, white stones are selected for their vivid iridescence. Each one is unique, with its own fire.



The newest Millenary models feature a hand-made, hand-finished Polish mesh bracelet, dressing the wrist like a second skin. Using a traditional technique, gold coils are densely woven into a supple bracelet with a hint of timelessness that contrasts with the Millenary’s contemporary dial. A small miracle of manual skill and precision.

Complexity revealed

Beyond the first impression of technical beauty and sophistication, this watch sparks natural curiosity. Cherished by discerning watch lovers, the Millenary relies on an unexpected design with tailored technology.

The horizontal oval shape

The Millenary collection, designed in 1995, provides a new three-dimensional take on the calibre. The sizeable oval case and off-centred dial tie technical prowess to neo-classical beauty and invite the wearer to look right into the heart of the piece’s singular mechanism.

Now, almost 25 years after the creation of the collection, Millenary remains a canvas for daring and original design, from the oval shape with off-centred dials to the use of precious and hard stones, as well as the meticulous crafting of beautiful bracelets.

Free to be different

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