Special projects


Tomás Saraceno for Aerocene – Albedo

Initiated in 2015, Aerocene is conceived as a collective endeavour to raise awareness about the plight of the Earth’s atmosphere and proposes imaginative solutions to rid the world of fossil fuels. Aerocene materialises as lighter-than-air sculptures buoyed by the heat of the sun and radiation from the surface of the Earth, along with the development and dissemination of further aerosolar technologies, undertaken by the multidisciplinary community.

“Albedo” presents an array of solar reflective umbrellas and floating assemblages, along with daily performances, solar cooking events, and community talks exploring our relationship to the sun and what it would feel like to breathe in a post-fuel era.



Tomás Saraceno (b.1973, Argentina) lives and works in and beyond the planet Earth. His work comprises ongoing research informed by art, architecture, natural sciences, astrophysics and engineering. His floating sculptures, community projects and interactive installations explore new sustainable ways of inhabiting and sensing the environment. Saraceno was the first person to scan, reconstruct and reimagine spiders’ weaved spatial habitats. In 2015, he achieved the world record for the first and longest certified fully-solar manned flight.


“Albedo” will take the form of a large-scale temporal pavilion, comprised of 40 reflective, out-turned umbrellas of various sizes, creating a hemispherical sundial on the Miami Beach oceanfront. The experimental structure, which is a continuation of the artist’s work with the Aerocene Foundation, will harness solar energy to lift the iconic Aerocene Explorer into the air whilst keeping it suspended. This floating sculpture imagines a new aerial infrastructure that challenges and redefines a global right to mobility.