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Revealing the beating heart of the watch.

Millenary 4101
Millenary 4101 View model
Meet the new Millenary 4101
Meet the new Millenary 4101
Audemars Piguet - Le Brassus
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Modern Classic

The Millenary collection heralds a neo-classical aesthetic for the Third Millenium. Its unique oval shape provides our designers with exceptional scope to reveal the intricate hand-finished inner workings of these models. The result embraces the tension between creative freedom and technical discipline.

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Iconic Moments

A Designer Inspired

For our Artistic Director Octavio Garcia, the form for the Millenary came from the Coliseum in Rome: a pure, simple oval. He also studied earlier watch models from the Audemars Piguet Museum’s collection, an ongoing source of inspiration for each one of our designers.

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    “I was convinced of the potential of this unusual, distinctly oval form.” - Artistic Director Octavio Garcia, on the origins of the Millenary

Audemars Piguet History

The oval shape of the Millenary allows for the sort of three-dimensional depth found in great architecture.

Millenary 4101
Millenary 4101
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