Jewelry makes the man
October 11, 2010 Models

Jewelry makes the man

Today’s men willingly wear jewelry. For them, Audemars Piguet has recently introduced the Royal Oak Offshore Jewelry Collection.


From footballer David Beckham to actor Johnny Depp, more and more men are wearing bracelets, necklaces and rings. Whether they’re ethnic, flashy, or sporty, men’s jewelry pieces are all the rage.

To complete its prestigious jewelry collection with a more casual line, Audemars Piguet introduced its Royal Oak Offshore Jewelry Collection in 2008 - a line of jewelry for men and women that includes rings and bracelets. These objects reflect the characteristics of the signature Royal Oak Offshore collection. The material of preference is rubber, decorated with the “Mega Tapestry” motif typically found on Royal Oak Offshore chronographs. The ring is octagonal in shape with eight hexagonal screws, similar to the bezels on the chronographs. “Rubber is a multipurpose material, contrasting and bold. These pieces are as suitable for evening wear as they are for the beach,” says Octavio Garcia, artistic director of Audemars Piguet since 2003.

The rubber bracelet with clasp has a buckle that can be either set or satiny and is reminiscent of the oversized buckle on the watch. There are several versions of the ring. It can be plain, ornamented with polished steel screws, or set with eight diamonds.

This collection will continue to expand. “In 2010, we will add cufflinks. Their center will be  rubber with the “Mega Tapestry” motif, and they’ll have a colored bezel not unlike the watch,” according to the artistic director.

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